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experiences that can reshape our perspectives and enrich our understanding of the world. I treasure every opportunity to explore both near and far, alongside my husband and our young children.

I view travel as a chance to craft moments that evolve into cherished memories –

My professional career began in the world of accounting and corporate recruiting as a CPA. However, as my colleagues began seeking my expertise for travel advice, I found my real passion. Transforming my love for travel into a fulfilling career, I now utilize my extensive travel background and the personal bonds I establish with you to create itineraries that mirror your unique desires.

Summer Defehr

Founder of DeFehr Travel & a Luxury Travel Advisor

Interested in seeing my full list of past travel destinations?

exploring the colosseum in Rome

Landing on a glacier
in New Zealand

enjoying the beautiful sunsets in Santorini, Greece

Sailing through enchanting Sardinia

Embracing Hawaii’s waters with turtles

night snorkeling in Fiji with a marine biologist

Admiring japan's cherry blossoms and temples

Navigating Costa Rica’s whitewater rapids

Exploring the tidal pools in Fiji

Our family adventures have taken us

DeFehr Family Vacations

indulging in fresh lobster in Maine

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I believe the world is vast, life is precious, and time is a fleeting treasure. Your wanderlust awaits - let’s plan your next adventure together!